Retro Rebel



“building a creative army to give opportunities in fashion, art and more without having to leave Orange County”


WHO are we ?

Rebel: a person who resists authority, control, or convention

Retro: An imitative style of fashion from before.

A Clothing movement, we are more than a "brand

We are giving opportunities for young creatives to showcase their talents, whether it’s through modeling, photography, graphic design, and more!

The Mission :

To shine a light on the rebels of our community through fashion, art, and pure creativity


We sought out collaborations with creatives from our communities for all things Retro Rebel. We are a community-forward movement. Our team is made up of young volunteers straight from the 845. We are giving a voice to the silenced in our community, giving them an outlet to share their creativity with the world.

The Bee:

Community, Brightness, and Personal Power


Launched on September 1, 2018. SftLnch tee was our original design produced by one of our factories in China. We have 50+ models in our model database from the NYC/Middletown/ & the Florida (state) area. On our personal team (Rebel Squad) we have photographers, videographers, H&MUAs, graphic designers, and more!

All those people on our team are people that can get booked for other projects/designers! We are all for working with other creatives!  We are working on launching our official line by May of 2019--- Streetwear Couture. We considered ourselves a part of the streetwear X couture clothing movement. Streetwear is what you see on the street every day, the couture part is us making it more of a quality product.

Our goal is to have Retro Rebel communities in Albany, NYC, and Middletown.